Kora et le mechanix - excursin forte

There are Places the Dark Likes, Where Never and Nothing Hide on Islands Remote After the faery of Bohemia is by the Sea, designed for the whole family but awakening the imagination of above all small children, the Naive Theatre Liberec has come up with another production that evokes the mystery and force of a basic element. This time it is aimed at grown-up audiences, and was inspired by the book Atlas of Remote Islands by the German author Judith Schalansky, born in 1980. Schalansky was born in Greifswald near the islands of Rugen and Usedom. This appears to have had an influence on her most successful book, published in 2009. Subtitled Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot On And Never Will, Schalansky introduces it with a foreword in which she returns to her childhood in communist East Germany. Although she is a child from a coastal town, the closed borders meant she had to forget about travelling around the world. She made up for it by travelling with her finger around a map – she was an atlas child. And she remained one, so she says, even after the change of regime. For her book she chose fifty islands, scattered around the oceans of the world. Liberec puppet actor Filip Homola, also a member of the ambient music duo Kora et le Mechanix, and his musical colleague Michal Kořán, were inspired by the names (as well as the stories that Schalansky attaches to the islands) first to create small compositions that then became the basis for a magical production that brings to life eight of the small continents from Schalansky’s atlas.

Kora Et Le Mechanix - Excursin ForteKora Et Le Mechanix - Excursin ForteKora Et Le Mechanix - Excursin ForteKora Et Le Mechanix - Excursin Forte